Dedication to Quality

Xi Acai is a one of a kind product in the market place. Both a ready-to-pour superfruit & rum cocktail as well as a high-end cocktail mixing component, this product has no rival in quality or capacity. Bursting with rich omegas, antioxidants and a seductive purple tropical flavor, Xi Acai is an amazingly fresh drink whether poured over rocks or used as the foundation for limitless signature cocktail recipes. More than just an exciting blast to the heart of the Amazon jungle, this party starter is the drink choice of the health conscious and sensibly adventurous.

The mission of our business is to provide the highest quality superfruit based drinks. Our aim is to serve the sensible, conscious and health-oriented consumer who prefers to enjoy alcohol responsibly. We use only the finest all natural, super-fruit ingredients and sweeteners with no unnecessary fillers or preservatives or artificial anything. We focus on serving the market of consumers who demand better and we fully embrace the revolution of consumer preference towards sustainable, healthy and eco-friendly brands.