Premium Spirits

Silver Craft Rum is one of the most popular “new” spirits, even though it has a rich and long story. Xi Acai is an ultra-premium acai and Silver Craft Rum based ready to pour cocktail. Xi is a welcome addition to the liquor shelves and its smooth sweetness make an amazing array of cocktails.

  • Clean, crisp Silver Craft Rum
  • Dark, rich super-berry notes of Acai and Blackberry
  • Punchy and vibrant bursts of lime
  • Versatile for mixing in a variety of cocktails


  • Super Premium Silver Craft Rum distilled up to five times
  • 12.5% alc/volume (25 proof)

The care and refinement that goes into many of our favorite vodkas, rums and other spirits also goes into Xi Acai and it’s reflected in the drinks sweet, clean taste.¬†Clean layers add depth and exotic repose to any drink from a Xi Soda to a ¬†Superberry Mojito.

Tasting Notes:
The Xi Acai experience is rich and interesting, beginning with a sweet, and intoxicating nose that mellows the senses. The palate is full of acai velvetiness that leaves you craving more. A delicate finish of punchy lime and smooth silver rum tops of the experience with perfection.