Xi Acai


Delicious tropical refreshment.*

Xi Acai is a 25 proof alcoholic beverage of award-wining craft silver rum, all-natural acai, blackberry, and lime juices, which is sweetened with agave nectar.

High Quality, Convenient, and nutritious Xi is made using only the highest quality ingredients. From the finest small batch silver cane rum to rich super-fruits, Xi is comprised of only the finest ingredients available. On its own or used as a premium component by mixologists, Xi is ready to pour with all the bounty of its fresh natural superfruits and a low glycemic index.

Like Carnival in a Bottle.
Born in the spirit of the caipirinha,this Brazilian favorite will sweep you away to a distant land. With a pour, you will be mysteriously transported to an exciting, exotic cultural celebration.

*Those who prefer Xi Açai are healthy, vibrant and adventurous. They are social, lead vibrant lives and frequent worldwide destinations.